Welcome to the DMF Werkzeugbau GmbH

– an independent toolmaker for more then 25 years, specialized in injection moulds and high pressure diecasting moulds. Whilst there have been many changes in the industry over that period, our aim of total customer satisfaction has remained constant.

Adopting the most advanced machinery from Germany and Switzerland with our rich experience, good workmanship we can provide customer satisfaction with respect to the high quality, prompt delivery service, short lead-time at a competitive price. A good blend of youth and experience takes care of finesse and speed. We work with our customers in close collaboration and grow together step by step.

80 percent of our customers are suppliers of trim parts and technical parts for the automotive industry in Germany and near EC countries. The other customers supply to the solar and appliance industry. We manufacture tools up to an overall weight of 6 tons and an overall diagonal of 1,500 mm.